Bouzouki Player For Hire

Our couples spend many months wedding planning, and we know they’ve chosen their suppliers very carefully. We consider it a great honour to be asked to perform at such an important life event, we understand the attention to detail that goes into every aspect of wedding planning, and we pride ourselves on giving each wedding ceremony the care and respect it deserves. Tommy Tsonis Bouzouki player for hire prides himself on creating special moments, he believes that every event is a one-time only show & as such treats his brides & grooms with the upmost respect. He makes sure that his performance is remembered by everyone. Tommy Tsonis bouzouki player is very well versed & comfortable performing in crowds of all shapes & sizes. Whether it’s an intimate wedding, or a crowd of over a thousand his extensive song list has got you covered! We provide the highest level of entertainment and quality musicianship with our award winning bouzouki SHOWS .


bouzouki player for hire sydney - tommy tsonis
Bouzouki Player For Hire Sydney – Tommy Tsonis


TOMMY TSONIS BOUZOUKI PLAYER FOR HIRE IS A PASSIONATE MUSICIAN WHO THRIVES ON PROVIDING 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION With Tommy Tsonis bouzouki player for hire Sydney you are guaranteed professional bouzouki wedding entertainment that will keep the floor hoppin’ with quality music all night long. There is no better feeling than celebrating a Greek wedding with great music and letting your hair down with some cringey moves while creating life-long memories with friends and family. Corporate events If you are having a business event that requires live Greek bouzouki Entertainment music, look no further than Tommy Tsonis bouzouki player Sydney.. The music that he plays is perfectly suited to business events where guests can mingle and talk freely. Obviously it’s important that they can discuss business issues without the music drowning them out. The music can provide a productive feel good factor. Playing along to professionally produced backing tracks. Music played consists of a wide selection of beautiful melodies from artists such as manolis xiotis, giorgios zambetas, stelios kazantzidis, Gianni’s Parios just to name a few.