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Bouzouki Player for hire Sydney by Tommy Tsonis entertainment Tommy Tsonis is an industry leader in the entertainment field and is proud to offer a few of the best bouzouki shows in Sydney. Throughout the last 20 years, Tommy Tsonis has managed to perform at a plethora of private and corporate events across Australia. From weddings, varied festivals, and even engagement parties, Tommy Tsonis is known to make quite an impression on these occasions with his presentable charm and a commendable talent. You can now hire this extremely talented music artist to make your wedding as ethereal as possible.
Bouzouki Player Sydney is an industry leader in the field of Greek entertainment and carries pride in bringing about a few of the most thrilling services to its customers. Haven’t we all at least once in our lifetime dreamt of having the most aesthetic wedding? If you’re a bride to be, there are so many elements that you can wait to experience starting from walking down the aisle to see the love of your life all dressed up to marry you, the music playing in the background while you all say your vows to each other, your first dance together, and so much more.

Greek band for hire Sydney by Tommy Tsonis Entertainment

Although modern ways such as DJs and MC have taken over a considerable part of the wedding culture, live bands still hold a significant value in the industry. Everybody likes an old-school wedding reception, where a dynamic band is playing all their live hits, and everyone on the dance floor is swaying to the music. The feel of listening to a live band is phenomenal. To ensure that you are given this experience, the firm offers you a chance to get a live Greek band on your big day. The band consists of some of the best Greek wedding performers and is hugely in sync to create a musical treat for your wedding.
Along with personalising the music for you, you are free to request the band to play your favourite Greek songs at the wedding. Overall, the band is friendly and talented, but also a professional bunch and has significantly gained optimistic reviews from previous clients. The groovy beats of classical and modern beats combined will surely get your wedding guests and you off your beats to dance to their lively music. You can opt for the band to play your Greek wedding entrance music too.
Customised services As previously stated, we prioritise offering our customers just what they want. It comes as no surprise that all of us have specific requirements and fantasies when it comes to our wedding. My Bouzouki Player Sydney wants you to bring your ideal vision of a dream come true and is thus willing to go any lengths to make it happen. Thus, you can deliberately get in touch with your hired artists to give them a glimpse into your requirements so that they can work on them.
Private and corporate events
From private events like weddings and birthdays to public events such as fundraisers, official seminars, workshops, and much more, you can now add a touch of enthusiasm and glamor to your events by hiring your favourite musicians.
To sum it up
We guarantee to make your night memorable with the right wedding music working through the right songs at the right time. Music plays a huge part in any event and this is especially true for your wedding day. Trying to find and book your wedding entertainment and bouzouki player to entertain your guests is just one of the potential headaches you may face. A high quality live bouzouki player will get the party started in the evening, while chilled-out acoustic music can entertain your guests while the wedding photos are being taken. Whether you are looking at entertainment for your wedding, corporate function or private eventually